Additional camping information

Guests are permitted to put up two additional small tents on all pitches, providing they do not take up a larger surface area than 6 m². Any additional tents must be positioned next to the main camping equipment.

The pitches with private sanitary equipment must be left clean upon departure. We ask for a €20-00 deposit for the key to the unit. This needs to be paid in advance and will be given back in cash upon departure.

The long side of the caravan must be positioned up against the hedge on the pitches.

The arrival time is 14.00 hours. If you arrive before that time, please park your car in the visitor's car park to the left of the entrance. Please report to the reception to find out if the parking space is available earlier.
The departing guest also likes to enjoy the last morning. In addition, the pitches will be mowed and any pallets will be picked up or brought to you in advance.

If using pallets, these may only be used in the awning, as well as a maximum of 1 pallet in front of the awning. A closed groundsheet can’t be placed underneath the canopy, in order to avoid creating any bare patches wherever possible.

Dogs are welcome on our pitches during the early and late season (however, not in the rented accommodation), providing they are always kept on a lead and providing they are constantly supervised by their owner and taken out outside of the campsite’s boundaries. Dogs are in 2021 not permitted from 10/7-28/8. This includes dogs accompanying any possible guests.

A pitch can be occupied by a maximum of 6 people at any one time. This rule may be deviated from if one family consists of more than 6 people, but only by prior consultation with the reception employees. The prices for the packages apply per family, with a maximum of 6 people and this includes 2 cars.

If you receive visitors who stay overnight with you, we ask you to inform us in advance. The visitor rate is € 5.00 per person per night, excluding tourist tax. Any additional car costs € 4.50 per night. 

The caravan may not be used purely by travelling young people and/or groups. This also applies to customers’ own children, who want to make use of the caravan without the parents being present.

We have special campervan pitches and you are therefore not permitted to park campervans on ordinary comfort and luxury comfort pitches.

The booking includes 2 cars per pitch. This may be parked on the campsite in the designated parking spaces. The fields must remain car-free.